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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  October 23, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> thank you for joining us today. >> >> b22 starts right now. >> fox news alert right now, president trump welcoming singapore's prime minister at the white house just moments from now, mr. trump will host mr. lee and key members of the singapore delegation to a working lunch. accompanied by the vice president and cabinet secretaries. trade, the economy, and regional security, specifically north korea expected to top the agenda. then both leaders who will speak to reporters in the next hour. you can watch all of this live right here as it happens. fox news alert, president from making a big push on capitol hill for tax reform telling lawmakers to get it done by the end of the year or there will be consequences. this is outnumbered. i'm sandra smith. here today, harris faulkner. host of kennedy on the fox business network, kennedy. commentator and fox news
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contributor rachel campos duffy and today is. host of the lawrence jones show, lawrence jones grade you are outnumbered pretty welcome to you. there is activity at the white house. we will get to that meeting when it begins but otherwise, a huge newsday. >> harris: what is texas doing with you gone? >> lawrence: a lot of people eating a lot of barbecue while i'm gone. they will continue to eat. >> sandra: it is the noon hour eastern time. president trump is urging house republicans to adopt the senate's budget so they can get to work on tax reform as soon as possible. he wants to see a bill on his desk by thanksgiving. in a conference call just yesterday, he told lawmakers that could be big trouble for them in the midterms if they fail to get taxes done. but he tells maria bartiromo he thinks they've got what it takes to get it done. >> president trump: i think we got the votes. i think rand paul is going to vote for the tax cuts. i think other people, we had
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tremendous enthusiasm this time as far as taxes are concerned. you see what's happening, it's really doing well. great enthusiasm. i >> sandra: that interview airing this morning great a big sit down with the president and he seemed to make it very clear, this is top of his agenda. it will get done. he even suggested not just before any year but by thanksgiving. >> lawrence: it won't. just because we have a lot of senators that won't vote like they told american people that they would vote. they campaigned on this for years, the campaign on health care, campaigned on tax reform, yet they get into washington and get real squishy. they sell out to the special interests, so they won't get this passed. he's right, they do have the votes and the people of all the way they said they would vote but they don't. you see this in the senate. over 200 bills passed by the house that eventually died in the senate. so i'm not too optimistic. >> sandra: he is out there pushing this, selling this as he
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does so, start market continues to rise. record highs for the u.s. stock market again today. he's making it very clear, this is tax reform but he wants to say this is tax cuts, the biggest in history. >> rachel: that's right. donald trump i think has learned his lesson from health care he has to be the one who goes out and sells it and i think he is actually making good on that lesson. tax reform, if they don't pass it, will absolutely slaughter the republicans in midterms and i do think they know that. it should it, and i think they know that and i think it will happen. you and i have all talked about before the pressure that comes on republicans when they have a deadline but didn't because now, they're saying paul ryan has said if we don't get it done by thanksgiving, we are going to say over the christmas break. and that doesn't just get congressman or read, it their wives their spouses worried because they want them to come home and it puts more pressure
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to get it done. >> harris: he gets them worried too because they have to face their electorate when they get home. >> rachel: and their wives if they have to ruin christmas. >> harris: i know after covering some of the disappointment this summer after promises of staying long and staying extended were kind of squishy in the end. when they didn't stay as long as they could. they hope for the american people's curiosity and their sake that they stick to it if they don't get it done by thanksgiving, they work for christmas because if we didn't finish our job, we have to stay. >> lawrence: i'm already getting the emails would be doomed from elected officials campaigning. they need money, they need support. no, you're not going to get a dime. you haven't done anything to prove that you deserve my money to go down there and fight. so i don't think the only way this works as of the president gets on the road and talks to the american people. this is not something you can accomplish between it, you got to go into the district like you did before and have them put pressure on the senators because
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right now, they aren't feeling the heat. >> sandra: what if it does get done? how big of a win is this? >> lawrence: a celebration. this could be the one issue to get republicans through the midterm and a reelection for donald trump because people want more of their money. they're tired of the government taking and abusing it and the raising debt. >> sandra: there's a little bit of a concern about that 401(k) issue, but they cleared the air on that, the president tweeting this morning. >> kennedy: you can't but those kind of limits on 4o1 kay kays. that's where lower middle income workers see any gains in the stock market as long as the federal government is manipulating the currency through the fed, the only place to make money for a lot of these investors is in the market. that's why the markets will continue to flourish if they pass tax reform. tax reform isn't just tax cuts, whatever the president wants to call it. it's not just about getting a win for the party. people don't care about the football team. they want more money back, and
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they also need time and the tax cuts to take hold and show some improvement and real improvement, not just the theoretical kind that has been bolstering wall street so people can make more money. business kits can thrive and then people can talk about deserving reelection. >> harris: we almost worked in the nfl there. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is pushing back on claims his unpopularity is putting republicans at risk. from white house advisor steve bannon is saying it's time to fight back against the establishment. when he was asked about it this weekend, mcconnell did not refer to bannon by name, but he did say this. >> they've been out there for a number of years. they cost us five senate seats in 2010 and 2012. we would've got the majority sooner but for the fact that they were able to nominate people who could not win in november. they were defeated everywhere and in 16 they were defeated everywhere. this is not about personalities. this is about achievement. in order to make policy, you have to actually win the
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election. >> harris: bannon has previous lead people like mitch mcconnell are the roadblocks to achieving president trump's agenda and he says he's recruiting and supporting challengers who all senate republicans except for ted cruz. you hear mitch mcconnell saying that this is about accomplishments, i'm paraphrasing him a bit, but let me tell you where steve bannon has been talking about. against republican representative jeff flake. so we will see how that turns out among but certainly on the defensive as of late. some i get to the president even called out earlier with regard to health care. he's going to run a candidate against them. he said in steve bannon's case against him, wyoming. also alabama, hearing more and more pushing out losing strengt strength. >> lawrence: i don't like steve bannon being made the bogeyman. i've been hearing a lot of this. republicans have nobody to look but in the mirror at themselves. i don't think it's their own
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record. it's the tea party way. marco rubio, ted cruz, rand paul. i think this is good for the party because it puts them on edge to get the agenda done. right now, we are going to see a lot of tea party activists that may not call themselves tea party but they are activists in the community running against these politicians. >> harris: about the fact that not all g.o.p. senators, some of them i like. and then steve bannon said with or without your endorsement or blessing, all going to do. >> rachel: steve bannon is a visionary in many ways. he has helped to bolster this america first agenda, but i really question. a lot of the focus should be on democrats in the senate, especially those democrats won in areas where trump won. because i think the litmus test shouldn't be about that's what bannon is doing, he is saying to the candidate the litmus test is will you support mitch mcconnell are not?
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it's not mitch mcconnell's fault that john mccain. the litmus test should be will you push mitch mcconnell to blow up the filibuster rules? that's withholding the agenda. he's been fighting hard to get things done part is not his fault that there's a few squishy senators in there. >> harris: there's that word squishy again. just to piggyback off of what rachel is saying, there are some within the party who have been on their own road. we won't call them against the president, but on their own road and what steve bannon says is i want pro trump reporters. i i want pro trump agenda if you will, with or without the president's endorsement. >> kennedy: it should be about pro growth. their people in the senate and the house of course you don't necessarily share steve bannon's philosophical vision because where it has been proven globally, it has not always worked out. economic isolation is not the key to listing people out of poverty, but free-trade is,
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capitalism is, and that's what they should be championing and also serving their own constituencies. if mitch mcconnell has such an issue, he should be asking the fundamental question why? why is there this way right now that antiestablishment way that really could gain purchase? >> sandra: all of this is going to change the second something gets done. everybody's going to have completely different things to say about it. >> rachel: can i just mention one example of what he's doing in the state of wisconsin. he has to guide kevin nicholson who is a former democrat who actually spoke at the national convention at the democratic convention, push in favor and john kerry so another primary candidate, a woman named leah bloomberg who is a state representative who has incredibly conservative record who was with governor walker. because she won't say that she won't support mitch mcconnell.
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that's his litmus test. >> kennedy: it's pretty narrow. >> rachel: it's about a personal issue. in this case, it seems to be a personal issue about mitch mcconnell and not necessarily who is more conservative. >> harris: why is that the benchmark? >> lawrence: he's the the leader. he is the leader so he has some responsibility. >> sandra: fox news alert, we want to jump in here and head to the white house. right now, president trump is welcoming singapore's prime minister, lee hsien loong. arriving at the white house, greeted by the president. president trump will be hosting mr. lee and key members of the singapore delegation to that working lunch accompanied by white house officials as well as cabinet secretaries, the singapore prime minister just now arriving at the white house on the agenda trade. the economy, regional security, all expected to be at the top of the agenda there to both leaders are expected to answer questions from reporters in the next hour.
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so lee hsien loong from singapore has arrived at the white house. that lunch will begin and we will continue to bring you breaking news from the white house as we get it. north korea issuing a new warning to the u.s. after a report that the u.s. air force is preparing to put his nuclear bombers on alert. what's next? and he's back. former senate majority leader harry reid is going after president trump. the timing or to democrats are attempting to regroup ahead of the midterms. do they have a fresh message and will trump bashing is it enough for voters? our debate after this. people would stare.
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>> kennedy: right now, president trump is meeting with singapore's prime minister and north korea likely a big topic. over the weekend, kim jong un's regime releasing another tirade slamming president from calling him a lunatic and warning that the u.s. is "running headlong into ruin." fiery language. if that came after reports of the u.s. air force is preparing to put our nuclear bombers back on 24-hour alert the first time since the end of the cold war. an air force spokesperson pushing back on that saying they currently have no set plans but must be ready if directed.
9:17 am
meantime, former cia director attempting to dial down fears of a nuclear conflict. here he is yesterday. >> certainly concerned. again, the question is how concerned. i don't think likely. i think that again, all of this is a communication strategy that is trying to make sure that china understands that this administration is in a very different situation from any of its predecessors, the north korea on this presidents watched could have the capability to hit a city in the united states with a nuclear weapon. >> kennedy: another former cia boss john brennan said there's at least another percent chance of war with north korea. as are some interesting opinions. it's kind of terrifying when you have the former head of the cia saying there is a percent chance. who do you here? >> harris: i think we have to take all the information in and as a journalist, that's what i want to do and i am frightened by a number of anything north of
9:18 am
0%. 20 is very specific so i like to know how they got there. i do want to point out because sandra had brought in the breaking news of the singapore prime minister visiting. do you know that he said just before his meeting with the president north korea's issue is different this time? he is morning about this. north korea's tensions carry long-term consequences. i think it's really interesting. i think that we are looking at a situation now where the stakeholders in this perhaps are waking up. i guess we have to wait for it we waiting for china? >> kennedy: you also see some different regional reaction and we are hearing a very different tune from south korea, certainly japan. they have known of the north korean threat for a long time. south korea was trying to take a different tactic for sure but a lot of this seems to be aimed at china, whether you're talking about 24-hour nuclear bombers for any sort of escalation in words. it is more to china. >> lawrence: that's where
9:19 am
focus should be, china. i'm interested to see, there's a president of the resident is supposed to be in beijing sometime early november. i'm interested to see his meeting with the president of china. at the end of the day, china is going to have to put up or shut up. i think that is the redline right now for the president. but in this focus on north korea, i get it, i get the it but this is just getting back and forth. i think the real talk is with china to see if they are going to. >> kennedy: let's give trump some credit. china is doing more than it has or has in any of the other administrations in terms of its reaction. >> kennedy: do you think we have a joint strategy with chin china? >> rachel: and with the stuff about the bombers and all of this is not just putting south korea and china, i think it's putting the whole world on notice and where the world engages, everybody engages, the more likely. >> kennedy: you can make that argument with iran and sending a message to a wrong, to russia
9:20 am
went to syria and whoever else is popping off right now. >> sandra: go back to his most recent work on this and that is we are in need to be prepared for absolutely anything that comes our way in. went into china and said that we can determine anything until we determine china's role in all of this going back to your point about the meeting in beijing. so he's putting onus there as well. >> lawrence: am still concerned about the funding and i totally agree. i do think from a defense standpoint, i think we are prepared for anything great i really do. but i don't want us to get to that point. >> harris: i want to talk to sandra just a second about numbers. we are in such a position when you look at the doubt. the optics of where we are right now being so strong when you talk about putting some pressure on china, they hold our debt. i wonder at this point, as is the kind of leverage that we now can crank up like never before? we are sitting on top of the world trade >> kennedy: it's interesting you say that.
9:21 am
we just saw the big communist party convention in beijing where they talk about essentially world domination when they talk a big game about how their economy is doing but there's actually been pretty severe contraction economically and china and i think they are beholden to much more. >> sandra: i'm going to throw the ball right back in your court because i think that's why the president believes he's going for such a point of strength here. if he knows anything, he knows that relationship very well. in rex tillerson as well. this is one area where i think his expertise benefit the president most because money is what makes the world go round. try to conceal all of our great ideas and expect to be the worl world's and we need to work together to combat north korea but i also think the united states can come at this with the position of strength and power as opposed to on the issue of this.
9:22 am
>> rachel: it's more than money, it's the will to do something. i think that combined with the money is making all the difference. >> harris: right now, the timing is specifically important because we don't know how close they are because we don't have eyes. >> kennedy: that's all they are telling us. we are ready. our program is almost complete. no one wants to hurt that baby. over that uranium sale to russia approved by hillary clinton and the state department, one lawmaker now saying he spoke with an fbi informant who knows the deal was not kosher. with that we will get answers and democrats pushing for senate leader mcconnell to bring that bipartisan health care compromise to the floor, whether he should do it. and the president will sign it, that's the big question. we'll get into it next.
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and urinary tract infections, which may be serious. taking jardiance with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so now that you know all that, what do you think? that it's time to think about jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. and get to the heart of what matters. >> sandra: new development in the fight over health care and the bipartisan alexander-murray bill. president trump says he will stop. the bill has support of a majority of senators including all 48 democrats. no senate majority leader chuck schumer is channeling majority leader mitch mcconnell to bring it to the floor. hospital this is a good compromise. it took months to work out. has a majority, has 60 senators supporting it. we have all 48 democrats, 12 republicans. i would urge senator mcconnell
9:28 am
to put it on the floor immediately this week. it will pass and it will pass by a large number of votes. >> sandra: mcconnell says he only put alexander murray to a vote if the president will in fact find it. >> what i'm waiting to hear from president trump, what kind of health care bill might sign. if there is a need for some kind of interim step here to stabilize the market, we need to build the president will actually sign. >> sandra: meanwhile, president trump says the alexander-murray bill is only a stopgap measure on the g.o.p. has the votes to fully repeal and replace obamacare. >> this is going to be temporary prior to repeal and replace. we are going to repeal and replace obamacare. and i think we actually have the votes. people are criticizing me for saying that. i think we actually have the votes for that. >> sandra: so lawrence jones even as were talking on the couch, we are all sort of
9:29 am
confused. harris says mcconnell confuses her. >> harris: how do you find out what the president wants? you ask him. would you sign this? >> lawrence: no, and this is not we sent him down there to d do. >> kennedy: this is where i agree with you on mitch mcconnell because this thing does not extract. why are they extracting more concessions? the democrats lost 1,000 seats on obamacare. why we are not the driver's seat on this when this whole mess is their fault, i don't understand this is where we agree on mitch mcconnell but he needs to push harder. this bill is not good enough. >> lawrence: this is him on every single piece of legislation when i'm looking at you is back home, i'm saying this does nothing. >> kennedy: the people are absolutely right. what does this do for me? it does everything for the insurance companies. they can pony up to the >> and
9:30 am
keep drinking from the federal well unfortunately. there's no guarantee that the money will go to those most in need. people who are caught in the middle or the ones getting hosed. they're still going to raise premiums. i don't care what democrats say. this is why this is the one area where i am opposed to bipartisan legislation because it sets us on the road to price fixing. that's it does. even with venezuelan health care, this is a fracas in caracas. what say there's a spirit of bipartisanship where you need to get something done, why aren't we getting across state lines? why can't we get a block grant included in this? the democrats to, that's where you're headed. >> sandra: get back in here. what is the president's next move then? >> lawrence: he can't go along
9:31 am
with this, for one. let's just be honest with the people that are watching this, health care is dead. republicans aren't going to get it done because they want to have measures like this. if the president were to sign on and support this piece of legislation, it would put him in jeopardy. i see his advisors telling him stay away from this bill unless we get an all republican vote with this. and the rest of the people that are moderate when it comes to this piece of legislation. >> harris: but president need his advisors to tell him because he can look and decide for himself and he's been tweeting about it. he doesn't want to bail out or continue to make rich the insurance companies but it doesn't really matter what else is in this bill. >> kennedy: that's what the executive order was all about. you're absolutely right. that's what the executive order was all about and this is a giant mess. >> sandra: you talk about his advisors are telling the president and mick mulvaney the budget director said over the weekend that the president would be willing to sign bipartisan legislation if he gets more in
9:32 am
exchange. health plans, the ability to sell across state lines, expanding health statement accounts. >> lawrence: that's not going to happen. here's the problem. i think, and kennedy noted that this, when you just want to get something done. if you pass this piece of legislation, then were still going to be there. >> harris: is much as we talk about steve bannon, it's the current president who looked at senator heller and said you wanted to have in a compliment are not? they were all sitting around the table and they were all talking. they were talking about this issue. he said you are not going to have a job. >> kennedy: if they get tax reform done, and the more tax reform on health care, the less time they have. stop fighting the health care fight, get taxes done, let the economy grow. when you have a win, then go
9:33 am
back. they're not listening to the president. the people sent them there with a super majority and they still can't get it done. give us the house, give us a senate, give us the presidency, nothing gets done. >> harris: you are so positive otherwise. new developments on the russian uranium deal. remember when the president was talking about this, story over the last decade. congressman told fox news that has oversight has started looking into the obama every deal and that he is talk to the fbi informants. who can connect the dots. watch. >> you have the quit, you have the quote. this informant i believe would be able to link those two together because he was right at the heart of a lot of what was going on at the time. he is currently under a nondisclosure agreement that was signed with the justice department pretty came forward in 2016, was threatened with reprisal from the loretta lynch
9:34 am
justice department. clearly, it's in the interest, and the public's interest that this individual be able to tell the story. >> harris: also says this could become a criminal investigation and fbi informant was threatened with reprisal from the obama justice department if he spoke out. the resident pastors of the deal which requires the approval of nine u.s. agencies including hillary clinton's state department reportedly directed millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. follow the money. >> lawrence: we can clear this up pretty quick if the doj under jeff sessions, which he is anti-criminal justice reform, if you just list the nondisclosure and allows them testify with congress. jeff sessions. >> sandra: there are obviously looking into that and asking for that to be done. >> lawrence: why not start the investigation as well? >> kennedy: that's what he was implying is that the trade and the oversight committee were getting ready to investigate and
9:35 am
we should. when i think of this and i think of the clinton's involvement in hillary clinton's involvement, i think of the c word, collusion. >> rachel: who said her client got a phone call from then attorney general loretta lynch's office saying back off. >> lawrence: the second time this has happened with loretta lynch when she told james comey to make it a matter and not an investigation as well. >> kennedy: not to mention the secret contents of the conversation she had with bill clinton. the sinks on the plane that were speaking to each other when they weren't supposed to, supposedly about yoga and grandchildren. >> harris: did you make a movie reference with snakes on a plane? >> kennedy: my favorite new york post headline. >> sandra: that's a great point, where's the rest of the media? >> harris: have you ever known a conversation where people are being served diet coke and mineral water on a plane and no
9:36 am
one else talks? nobody on the plane? >> kennedy: what we have to discuss here are the national security implications and selling that much uranium to russia particularly if this clinton foundation was really involved with this whole deal. first they not only profited but shielded the clinton foundation from any sort of oversight or transparency in regards to those donations which are still very strange coming from a number of questionable factors. >> lawrence: although key players in this russian investigation because they may be a part of this. we don't know who's connected to. i would wasn't the congress notified about something of this magnitude? would cut intelligence committees. >> kennedy: just the issue of signing the nondisclosure agreement was a red flag because as we've already heard from the
9:37 am
lawyers, that's unprecedented. >> rachel: let's not forget about the collusion of the media in this. if this isn't just the government under obama was colluding to cover this up but the media right now other than this channel is really not giving a lot of attention to this. >> sandra: reported on this as well. >> sandra: as far as the house oversight committee, the chairman trey gowdy, used talking specifically on this yet he says he spoke with him and he believes this is an important issue and is indicated to me that he is supportive of what we're doing. >> harris: we want to bring you some breaking news now. are we ready to do this? rex tillerson, our secretary of state has just now made in unannounced, at least we didn't know about it, trip and he has landed in a ran. a rack, excuse me. he is in the green zone expected to take a motorcade in the green zone with iraqi prime minister alla body. and the pair are scheduled to read my statements to a conference but not take any questions later today. we wanted to bring you this word
9:38 am
again. secretary of state rex tillerson made a previously unannounced visit to baghdad. he has landed at the international airport. he was met by u.s. ambassador douglas fellman and several other u.s. officials at the bottom of the tell ramp of the c17 military that flew him in. to loosen in a rack is a story develops, we will bring you the news. retirement has not mellowed senator harry reid. the former top senate democrats made a surprise speech and joint democrats attack on president trump amid new questions over whether the parties resistance strategy is really working great and we will talk about it. stay close.
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>> kennedy: welcome back. i've missed you so, so much. senate majority leader harry reid making a surprise appearance at the full meeting over the weekend. slamming president trump on several issues, including his push to rollback obamacare. saying "health care is basically been ruined by trump." also bashing white house chief of staff general john kelly for getting involved in president trump's feud with frederico wilson. saying "i would hope that they would stop sending this four-star general out and put him back where he belongs, trying to control trump." meantime, many of the democratic party's latest names didn't show up for the fall meeting amid new questions about the parties strategy heading into next year's midterm. so lawrence, we talked about some of the issues that republicans are having in business this really reveal that the democrats big theory of resistance is kind of falling
9:44 am
flat? >> lawrence: it's funny because republicans are raising more money, they are in debt. they have no message what people aren't showing up to their rallies. went to one in dallas and it was a good 20 people there, empty seats. it just shows you. >> harris: a good 20. >> kennedy: almost two dozen. >> lawrence: there was no one there. it just shows you that you can only sell hate for so long. but you're not talking about people's pocketbooks and their struggling, their kids health care sucks in the education system sucks and you want to secure the border, you have no message. >> kennedy: i would say first of all, harry reid let his party into the minority. i don't know whiting anybody cares what he has to say. one thing the media's not talking about is this civil war that is happening within the democrat party. the bernie wing versus the hill relate weighing in. we see the dnc share just purged all of the staffers. >> harris: it was a saturday night massacre at the dnc.
9:45 am
>> rachel: there is a real risk there that they need to work out and they are focusing so much attention on attacking trump and vilifying republicans and calling them racist and all of the hysteria that they're not working. >> kennedy: is also such a critical time for democrats, and you got some big names that didn't attend the conference. some big names. these are all senate democrats you think would be more focused on. i was reminded of covering joe mansion this morning saying thanks but no thanks to hillary clinton coming and helping. the reelection bid. he said that would hurt him. >> lawrence: the millennials have taken over the democratic party. they are the leaders of the resistance and they're going the city from city. i don't know how their funding this, but they're going from city to city putting pressure on these legislators to get in line or they will walk through another candidate.
9:46 am
>> rachel: this is the problem for republicans in a few years from now is because republicans have not won back the battle of ideas with the young people, with millennials. millennials still believe despite what's happening in venezuela, talked about that earlier, they still believe that socialism is a good thing. they have not been sold on the facts about capitalism and entrepreneurial to capitalism and how it leads to more prosperity, has lifted more people out of poverty. republicans, conservatives need to start having that conversation with young people. >> lawrence: some of us like keeping our money. a millennial. >> rachel: millennials have been the only ones voting in the last election, make no mistake, bernie sanders would be the president right now. >> kennedy: if jimmy carter had his say, bernie sanders would be president. it's just very interesting because it shows that there are more risks in this party. i know chuck schumer likes to talk a big game and about how everyone is on board with this
9:47 am
horrific frank and bill between patty murray and lamar alexander. where it counts. they don't have a lot of money. >> lawrence: the big risk is the more seasoned people like nancy pelosi and such won't step aside. they won't give up the leadership. it's taking the people that want change like cory booker. >> kennedy: tim ryan. >> lawrence: is going to be a problem before they pass the torch. >> kennedy: it'll be a real civil war. associations you could shake her over your steak. >> rachel: in wisconsin, the democrat party is decimated and they have not regrouped or showed any signs of regrouping since they lost that election. >> lawrence: they don't have a leader. they need a leader. so they're looking for their leader. president obama still goes and gets them rallied up. >> kennedy: they've got leaders. >> lawrence: leaders that can run again. >> harris: some of you saw me
9:48 am
putting up my mom finger in the middle of that. >> lawrence: the church finger. >> harris: i didn't mean to be rude. we are just setting up now for a tape player that's about to happen with the president. he is meeting right now with the prime minister of singapore and what their conversations might be like about trade and so and so forth. prime minister lee hsien loong said he does not believe president trump will change his mind on the u.s. trans-pacific partnership trade deal. so that some of the things that they are talking about right now. that's why you saw me give the mom finger and when we can inside of these two minute warning. >> kennedy: will be more beneficial for the united states and for the region. >> harris: what i was going to quickly say about the previous conversation that you were in an brought this up with joe mansion. when you have people saying that they don't need the current or most recent person who ran for president in the party, not only did they not need them, they don't want them to show up. that's a real problem. >> kennedy: he was very clear, he does not want her to show up.
9:49 am
>> harris: that's a real problem. that's not just about messaging. that's personal. you seen enough of them so where do you go? >> lawrence: who wants a loser supporting them? that bottom line, she lost. so what did she bring to the table? >> harris: if she had written a book what's about to happen or what's happening next, maybe that would've been good. >> kennedy: she doesn't talk about ideas. i would be really frustrated if i was a democrat. where does the party go from here? and don't talk about how your ideas would've been so great if only they would've left to do here we are now. what shall we do with the time we've got. >> harris: this brings us back to the issue that i thought you made really clear and that is why would. we have to move on. meeting with the singapore prime minister. they have just signed an agreement to purchase singapore planes from boeing. they also have some notes coming up from their working lunch
9:50 am
which they are going to be having in the cabinet room. so we will watch and listen to this as the president now is going to give us some details about this agreement and their working lunch. let's watch. >> president trump: why don't you introduce yourselves, start off. >> and kevin mcallister, president and ceo of boeing commercial airplanes. >> i am the ceo for singapore airlines. >> we are very happy to be here today to celebrate the signing of 20 triple double seven -- nine's and 19 boeing aircraft. >> we are very proud also. >> president trump: there going to have a total in terms of the owners, $13.8 billion and most importantly, 70,000 jobs.
9:51 am
so those are all jobs in this country. >> 70 70 thousands in this cou, the united states of america. [laughter] >> president trump: there great plains. >> president trump: congratulations. [applause] >> thank you so much. thank you very much. >> it means a lot. >> president trump: is a great
9:52 am
airline. haven't flown in a while. >> we are going to lined up outside the cabinet room. >> president trump: interesting, right? they serve good lunch.
9:53 am
thank you very much. it's a great honor to have prime minister lee of singapore with us and his representatives at the highest level. we've just signed an order with boeing for almost $14 billion worth of airplanes. we do a lot of business with singapore, the relationship now is at its highest point and it will continue. it will continue. so mr. prime minister, thank you very much. it's an honor to have you in the white house. >> thank you very much. we have a very good relationship with the united states and we hope to keep it forward. not a bad airline and provide the best airplanes. [laughter] >> president trump: thank you very much for being here. thank you, everybody. thank you very much.
9:54 am
>> sandra: you been watching president trump along with the prime minister of singapore, lee hsien loong together. they were touting the latest to deal with the following. singapore signing on a contract to buy 39 boeing aircraft as you just heard the president detailing on that at $.8 billion. singapore airlines confirm that this week, they are now signed, done. those airplanes made right here in the united states and all of this, i was bringing the couch here for a minute because this is the head of president trump's scheduled trip as you brought up earlier, in early november, stops in japan, south korea, china, vietnam, and the philippines. >> lawrence: the one thing that jumps out to me is that this is the type of stuff president trump base eats up. when you have an american first president having boeing, american company and make that amount of money, i think that's the type of stuff we've got to see more of it when the president is leading from an
9:55 am
economy standpoint, a business standpoint, he's at his best. >> sandra: we watch that dreamliner go through the boeing dream i a lot of those parts are made all over the world. this is a big deal that they are announcing together. >> kennedy: absolutely. when there are these beneficial relationships to be had, it's nice to see any sort of encouragement of foreign investment in this country. we never want the white house picking winners and losers arbitrarily. you definitely want to see the free market really means that all companies flourish and hopefully a all get to pull something. >> sandra: there touting 70,000 jobs. >> rachel: it's amazing. they have a an advantage as a businessman and american first policy but i will say this, liberals said that he could not operate on the international stage with any authority. he is not only engaging in north korea, and asia, but let's not forget what he's doing in
9:56 am
latin america with venezuela. this is a very internationally engaged president. >> sandra: he is reminding us of that. he just did or did that deal now signed pretty singapore in the united states. we will be right back. remember that accident i got in with the pole, and i had to make a claim and all that? is that whole thing still dragging on? no, i took some pics with the app and... filed a claim, but... you know how they send you money to cover repairs and... they took forever to pay you, right? no, i got paid right away, but... at the very end of it all, my agent... wouldn't even call you back, right? no, she called to see if i was happy. but if i wasn't happy with my claim experience for any reason, they'd give me my money back, no questions asked. can you believe that? no. the claim satisfaction guarantee, only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. only from allstate. (avo) but you also have a higher risk of heart attack or stroke. non-insulin victoza® lowers a1c, and now reduces cardiovascular risk.
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>> lawrence jones, thank you. you get the final word here.
10:00 am
>> i love you guys. >> rachel, thank you for joining us. that's it for "outnumbered," let's head upstairs for harris faulkner. >> harris: let's start with we are awaiting remarks from president trump and the prime minister of singapore, the leaders are scheduled to issue a joint statement from the rose garden. we've been watching this unfold so we know that deal has just been signed and they talked about that at the white house and now the next step is to head to the rose garden for that joint statement where we expect the trade to be talked about another issues. the president's reaction to a range of other topics including tax reform and health, also. fox news alert, north korea reportedly calling president trump a "hooligan" and


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